About Quartz stone

Quartz stone consists mainly of quartz crystals (93%), processed through high temperature, high pressure and other procedures with fine craftsmanship. The resulting product is strong, durable, heat and corrosion resistant, and leak proof. It is widely used for flooring, walls, counter tops, sink tops, and etc.
Quartz stone surface: The surface looks like natural granite and has rich colours because it's comprised of natural quartz crystal,mineral pigment,resin and other additive.It is produced in vacuum space,and has very hard surface without any hole.No matter the luster or the prevention of seepage of various lipuid material and antipollution ability are which other artificial stone,natural stone incomparable.

Cost performance of quartz stone:Besides its material value,processing value,service value,Value of goods include the added values.Excellent quality is not only reflect by its physical and chemical performance,quartz stone is healthy,environmently friendly,convenient to use(easy to clean,non-maintaining) and has rich colours.

Scratch resistant quartz stone: Surface hardness of quartz stone is higher than general ironware,that means the ironware that family use is difficult to scratch and fret it.

Quartz Stone

Antipollution quartz stone:Quartz stone contain many kinds of composite material and ultra little quartz powder which guaranteed the very high level structure without hole.That means there is basically no infiltration so long as clean the top to leave no liquid with the fresh water or neutral detergent after using it every time.Only need to clean the obstinate besmirch(such as tea stain) with cleanser and the besmirch will not permeate through material.

Colorfast quartz stone:Most component of quartz stone are made up by man,but the pigment is mainly of mineral pigment which has very high colorfast capability.So it's difficult to find the change of colour by eyes unless put the quartz stone under strong sunshine for long time.It can basically be regarded as the colorfast material.

Use of Quartz

quartz stone is widely used for floors,walls,kitchen countertops,bathroom countertops,etc.

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